2014 Green Car of the Year Finalists Named

Every year at the LA Auto Show, Green Car Journal bestows the laurel wreath of green-ness and car-ness on a notable vehicle. Pickings used to be slim for this award, but there are slew of contenders anymore. This year, the five finalists include diesels, hybrids, and even a couple of plain-old gas-powered cars that have technological tricks that up their fuel economy into hybrid-like numbers.

Here’s the short list:

  • Audi A6 TDI: diesel sports sedan with a 38 mpg highway rating and 240 hp
  • BMW 328d: diesel sedan with a 45 mpg highway rating and regenerative brakes
  • Honda Accord: makes the list for having an efficient gasoline engine, a hybrid, and a plug-in version
  • Mazda3: gasoline sedan that ekes out 41 mpg on the highway via tech improvements
  • Toyota Corolla: gasoline sedan gets 42 mpg when you push the Eco button