Edmunds.com Takes the Bullshit Out of Car Buying

If this is for real, this would be a welcome change for all car shoppers, not just women. Though with statistics showing that we’re still not comfortable at dealerships, the new focus on truth in car dealing at Edmunds.com would be especially great for women.

According to a press release sent out in October, Edmunds.com aims to make itself the trusted middle man between shoppers and dealers. The car shopping site has partnered with dealers who say that will stop the bait-and-switch online shenanigans. They’ll tell you what they’ve got on the lot and allow you to bring in a digital or printed certificate from Edmunds.com with the price on it. The dealers are held to their end of the bargain by the online power of Edmunds.

The website tested its Price Promise idea in early 2013 and rolled it out to everybody in June. It benefits Edmunds.com by further burnishing its reputation as one of the most trusted websites on the Internet; it benefits dealers by getting people to close on promised deals, often within a few days; and it benefits shoppers by making the car buying process 15 percent faster on average. That’s 10 minutes per hour at the dealership shaved off. That alone is probably worth signing up.