Mazda Gets All Designery for the Ladies

SEMA13 Mazda Vector 3

The annual SEMA show in Las Vegas is not typically a feminist hotbed. Unless you are into aftermarket auto parts — and some of us very much are — it’s not even a very female-friendly place. There are plenty of women there, but it’s an industry-only show. The public is not invited. So all the women are working, as company reps, as journalists, or as booth babes in hot pants. Yup. Still.

So it’s kind of refreshing that Mazda brought some cars to the convention center that have a huge emphasis on high-end design rather than on racer-boy aesthetics. These cars are in no way dumbed down from a performance standpoint, but they are classed up considerably. And the language Mazda is using to describe these super hot, super fast cars is directed right at you, ladies. And not in a bad way.

Take the Mazda Vector 3 concept. The press release calls the paint Soul Red, “as sultry and intense as the certain little black dress that takes your breath away.” The description goes on:

Although a pattern inspired from the runways of the fashion elite, the Vector 3 hones its attitude from the world of active lifestyle and performance wear. Fitting like a stylish pair of cross-trainers, the Vector 3 offers little fuss but commands plenty of attention.

I have some grammar issues with that first sentence, but I do not have issues with the fact that Mazda seems to understand that women car buyers want performance and high-end design as much as men buyers do. They seem to understand at some kind-of-awkward-but-well-meaning level that many women like being sexy and being active in equal measure. I give that a “Huzzah! Mostly.”