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Toyota Financial CEO Borst Gives Women a Career Boost

In his 16 years as president and CEO of Toyota Financial Services, George Borst created the most diverse management team in TFS history, gender-wise. For this achievement, he received the Outstanding CEO award from Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute. Borst retired in September 2013, but he’s still serving as an executive adviser for TFS.

Borst didn’t just hire women; he encouraged them to network and mentor one another, which is an important factor in women’s advancement. He was an advocate for Toyota’s resource group for its female employees, TORQUE (I do not know what that stands for, but I’d love to). Its annual conference of women from North American Toyota affiliates grew to 200 participants, nearly doubling its attendance in three years.

Get By with a Little Help from Your Automotive Friends

So things were already a little sucky for anyone who isn’t a San Francisco hipster with an IPO pending, and now that the government has shut down, it’s gotten a lot more sucky for a lot of federal employees and the people who depend on them.

When everyone seems intent on screwing us over, where can we turn? Well, in one case, it may be the folks who take your car payments every month. Toyota and Nissan have both recently announced that they’ll be offering some breathing room to their buyers.

Anyone who financed their vehicle through Toyota Financial Services or Lexus Financial services and is affected by the shutdown (furloughed employees, government contractors, and more) can defer up to three months of payments. Prior to the shutdown, your loan had to be in good standing, but I’m sure it was. You’re good people.

Nissan’s program has been around, but in these shutdown days, they thought a reminder might be in order. Any Nissan or Infiniti owner who used Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. to finance their vehicle can also get up to a 90-day extension on their loan.

If you’re finding yourself on an unpaid, unplanned, uncertain vacation thanks to the US government, it might be worth checking into these programs. Best of luck.

National Youth of the Year Gets a New Toyota Corolla

Trei Dudley, Youth of the Year, with her new Corolla

Trei Dudley, Youth of the Year, with her new Corolla

Trei Dudley has seven younger siblings. She lived in poverty and suffered domestic violence. But she found support through the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence, Kansas. She turned that support around and became a mentor to other kids in the program, then a junior staffer, all while keeping her grades high — high enough that she’s now attending the University of Arkansas and majoring in business.

To honor her hard work and compassion, Dudley received a new Toyota Corolla from Toyota Financial Services’ “Making Life Easier for YOUth” initiative. Dudley was nominated by her club and eventually selected as the 2012-2013 Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Youth of the Year.